June 28


Broken Toes

In my rush to get my car out of the building (big concrete trucks use the hallway by 8am) before 7:30 and also to make it apparent that I’m +not+ living here, I wasn’t as careful as I should have been. I use some old doors (from a previous art project) to block the cats into one area when I’m not here, as the building maintenance people tend to barge in whenever they want, and I don’t want cats milling about. As I was pushing one of the doors into place, I knocked over a huge, heavy, metal light box that had been leaning against the wall, and of course it fell right onto my bare foot, across the toes.

Instantly, I knew something terrible had happened, but being me, I decided it was all too inconvenient to recognize and tried to just go on with my morning. I took Echo with me for her morning pee and just ended up getting in the car and realizing that I had to get ice, at the very least. I was crying from the pain by then, and dizzy. I decided to go to the urgent-care place and get it x-rayed, though I was sure it was just bruised. My big toe and the one next to it had turned blue-black and had swollen so much that I couldn’t wear my shoe on that foot.

It was 7:30am by this point, and I drove to the urgent-care place and was surprised and disturbed to see that it didn’t open until 9:00. The pain was so intense by that point that I was sweaty and nearly vomiting. I went to Kroger and bought ibuprofen, then to a bagel place where I bought ice and just held ice in a napkin on my toes.

At 9 I was waiting outside the facility, and was seen quickly by a PA. Toes were broken all right, in multiple places. Luckily, I was able to get away with not getting a cast, but rather a walking boot and some taping. I had to beg and plead for pain meds, of course.

Went to another grocery store to buy water and dog food, plus more tape. My friend L came over and brought me ice. Now I’m going to have a bit of a nap before work tonight.

Photos From the Floor