Day 3

It’s Sunday, and I’ve spent three days and two nights in the studio now. The new air mattress (why do I have such bad luck with these?) didn’t even last one night. I had coffee yogurt for breakfast, some chips and salsa (0.99 on sale!!!), and two servings of salad so far today. My cat Francine is struggling with weakness in her back legs and we spent most of yesterday at the vet. I’m doing well with getting the exhibit together, having purchased solid black tablecloths and doubled them up to cover the windows. Bathing is tricky….but a hair washing in the sink does wonders. If I didn’t put my art before my self I would have a lovely bathing trough, but as it is, it is filled with plants for the show. Echo is adapting well and enjoying her walks around the warehouse grounds. It was cooler today than Saturday, thankfully.




Morning – Outdoors


Morning – Indoors


Photos From the Floor


Moving Day

ImageToday I’m selling:

Ikea light


Iron bed frame

Still to sell:

MH light

HPS light

Dehydrator (sat)

Triangular end tables (sat)

Dining table

Photo lights

Glass square table (maybe)




Well. A woman emailed me about possibly sharing an apartment or house. She has a (little) dog, so not sure about it, or if I would have enough space.

Work went well last night. I plan to work 5-6 hrs tonight.

My friend M edited the hell out of my cover letter and it is now coherent. Not sure if I should wait until Tuesday to email it in.

Check Engine light fixed (spark plugs replaced) in my car. Two good walks there and back with Echo, so that was good.

Emailed P “you alive?”

Called Chris crying. Regret. The evenings are difficult.

Sold my stone gargoyle, buddha and wheelbarrow for $45, some garden tools for $20, and the black lounge chairs for $40. Saving the cash for travel. Still need to sell: bed frame, tables, zafu, lights, etc.


I am in a terrible mood. I just want someone (handsome) to give me a bath and read to me and tell me everything will be okay. 

I have to remember that these moments are temporary. These feelings will pass. It could be the time of the month or a recent boy rejection (or two, but who’s counting?), but holy crap today I am down in the dumps. I blame the shitty ass HOT weather and my hormones. It’s not even June and it’s predicted to hit 99 on Sunday. Fuck a whole lot of that. 

Alright. So my house is closing on June 15. I am planning to live in my art studio for approximately four weeks until I’ve saved enough to leave MI for OR. Six weeks. 

So that’s me today. Fear. Fear of failure. Irrational fears of being homeless, of not being able to feed my animals, of never being loved again, of my computer dying, of my car dying. Nearly all of these fears can be solved by money, so I have to stick with a strict schedule of work and savings goals. If I can make $1500 per week and save $1000 I will be completely on track. 

Everything Changes

I’ve been not-blogging for quite some time it seems. 

New things:

-My house sale is final June 15.

-Going to live in my art studio for 2-4 wks.

-Moving to Oregon in July. 

-Still have Echo and the cats Francine and Sebastapol.




School is drawing to a close for the semester, and I’m in my usual flurry of ‘I should have done this thing and that thing differently’. Floating with a lack of good sleep and food. One more week.