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Days Pass

Sorry for the long time between posts. The days pass so very quickly. Every morning, I wake up and see my orchids and the white roof on the building next to mine and I still can’t really believe I’m here or know why. 

So, I am in Portland now. All the way across the country to come to a place that is beautiful and unfamiliar. Honestly, right now I am questioning coming here and I feel like I should have stayed back where I was, back where I had some sort of art community going. I really, really felt good in my old studio/gallery space. I don’t feel the same way here, at least not yet. I feel like I haven’t tried hard enough here to send out roots or give it a real try. I suppose I have to trust myself and trust my decision. It is what is is, after all, and I am here and I have to make something of it. 

Anyway. Seeds for a garden are growing. I have a notebook with a list of art projects. I have love in my life, and adventures. I have my dog and my cat. 



Day One – MI – IL – WI – MN

In Minnesota tonight. 12 hours in the car, with about 6 stops.

-Sugar Loaf motel.

-4 orchids + jade plant.

-Very, very hot today.

-Cats in carriers did well, very little meowing. They are relaxing in the motel now.

-Update: Sebastian scared me to death when he disappeared for over an hour. Turns out he ripped his way into the box spring of the bed and made a man cave inside. &^^%$

-Morning now. I walked on over to the Holiday Inn Express for a “complimentary breakfast.”

-I’ve been posting photos to Instagram but I’m not sure how to integrate them here.


June 28


23 days to go, and my intention of flying under the radar at the warehouse has been blown out of the water.

Late last night I accidentally flooded the floor of my studio (not a big deal) and via the numerous holes in my studio floor, the machine shop underneath my studio (possibly a huge deal). Sigh….I REALLY HATE when I do careless things because I don’t pay close enough attention. The cause was me using a hose to fill the 80-gal metal trough – turned it on and completely forgot about it.

I walked out into the gallery side of the studio and saw all the water and was shocked. I ran and grabbed a mop and bucket and also turned on a big fan. I spent two hours mopping up the water and actually missed working last night. There are holes that go directly through my floor and the ceiling below. I realized that some water would have gone through but I hoped it wasn’t much. After I mopped, I was horridly sweaty and started to take Echo out for a walk. On my way out, I ran into a guy who’s studio is next to mine. He said “did you hear anything about a pipe bursting?” and I said no, but that I had accidentally spilled some water. I asked him how he knew, and he said that the auto body shop on the first floor had called the building manager, who had called my studio neighbor to ask him to look at the water pipes. Fuckkkkkkkk. I went downstairs to tell the body shop guy what happened, and to see the water for myself. He said that he only heard it falling, that it actually would have gone into the machine shop next to him. He said that it sounded like someone was taking a shower. Luckily, things weren’t tense, everyone was ok (I guess because THEY weren’t the ones with any water damange…). The people wouldn’t be back at the machine shop until this morning (Monday). Now, when I think about this, the water falling may have sounded “worse” than it actually was because it was funneled through small holes and falling more than 12 ft. I am interested to find out what it fell on, as well. Hopefully just the floor. 😦
I feel terrible about any damage I may have caused. I’m also completely freaked out about being held liable and getting kicked out of the building. Part of me (a big part!) wants to pack up the car and leave tonight on my road trip. That wouldn’t be right though, to leave my family and friends without saying any sort of goodbye. I also have my exhibit opening this Friday, and other people are in the show and are counting on me.

Maybe it was cowardly or maybe it was smart, but I just did not want to be there at seven this morning when the building manager arrived. I knew he’d come right up to my studio and want to look around. I set my alarm (though I didn’t need to, as I did not sleep) for six, and got out of the studio. Left the cats blockaded in the living area and brought Echo with me.

So, I’m unbelievably tired, but sleeping in my car is somehow beyond me. It was cooooold at six this morning, and without a coat, much less pillow or blanket, I wasn’t able to get comfortable in the car. I originally drove to an apartment complex and parked in the shade, got worried about that, and then drove to a rest area. Sleeping just wasn’t happening. Took Echo for a few walks, and now I’m in a coffee shop.

I’m going to go to my gardening job now for a few hours, then to the studio. I’ll just work on research, text panels, and business things this afternoon, and deal with any confrontation as it comes.

Week One Recap

-Cat became very sick.

-Broke my toes.


-Worked on the exhibit.

-Got settled in, found parking spot indoors.

-Air mattress has been a failure.

-Enjoying the roof!

Broken Toes

In my rush to get my car out of the building (big concrete trucks use the hallway by 8am) before 7:30 and also to make it apparent that I’m +not+ living here, I wasn’t as careful as I should have been. I use some old doors (from a previous art project) to block the cats into one area when I’m not here, as the building maintenance people tend to barge in whenever they want, and I don’t want cats milling about. As I was pushing one of the doors into place, I knocked over a huge, heavy, metal light box that had been leaning against the wall, and of course it fell right onto my bare foot, across the toes.

Instantly, I knew something terrible had happened, but being me, I decided it was all too inconvenient to recognize and tried to just go on with my morning. I took Echo with me for her morning pee and just ended up getting in the car and realizing that I had to get ice, at the very least. I was crying from the pain by then, and dizzy. I decided to go to the urgent-care place and get it x-rayed, though I was sure it was just bruised. My big toe and the one next to it had turned blue-black and had swollen so much that I couldn’t wear my shoe on that foot.

It was 7:30am by this point, and I drove to the urgent-care place and was surprised and disturbed to see that it didn’t open until 9:00. The pain was so intense by that point that I was sweaty and nearly vomiting. I went to Kroger and bought ibuprofen, then to a bagel place where I bought ice and just held ice in a napkin on my toes.

At 9 I was waiting outside the facility, and was seen quickly by a PA. Toes were broken all right, in multiple places. Luckily, I was able to get away with not getting a cast, but rather a walking boot and some taping. I had to beg and plead for pain meds, of course.

Went to another grocery store to buy water and dog food, plus more tape. My friend L came over and brought me ice. Now I’m going to have a bit of a nap before work tonight.

Eating + Drinking

I thought I would write a little about how I eat and drink while living in the studio. It’s not that complicated. I like that I have to plan ahead a little bit and use a greater amount of fresh foods.

I bought a dorm-size, used refrigerator that I fortuitously found while walking Echo for $40 a few weeks before I moved in. I keep salad greens, shredded carrots, celery, hummus, fizzy water, salsa, and fruit. I’m doing well with sticking to what I have and not grabbing fast food chicken sandwiches and diet coke like I used to. 

Harkening back to 2000, when I lived on Staten Island, NY, I use a drip coffee maker to get fairly hot water to make things like steamed vegetables and couscous (the Near East mixes). I also use it to make water for my french press for tea and coffee. 


I wash dishes in the bathroom sink down the hall with regular dish soap and let things air-dry.


In other news, I took care of two things that had been bothering me. I went ahead and made my phone into a hotspot so that I have a connection all the time, and I bought a programmable clicker so that I can (finally) park my car inside the building. Said clicker is not yet programmed correctly, but will be soon.

I put up black plastic dollar-store table cloths over the other set of windows this morning, and now it’s much cooler in here. 

The Things I Miss + The (Unexpected) Things I Am Enjoying

I miss:

-A WIFI connection for my phone.


-Knowing that my car is safe.

-The garden.

-Having a sink.


-The windows. Watching the clouds and the rain fall.

-Minimalism in all things.

-Long walks with Echo around the warehouse and grounds.

-Eating fresh food all the time.

-Looking at art, thinking about art all around me.

-The sound of trains.