Days Pass

Sorry for the long time between posts. The days pass so very quickly. Every morning, I wake up and see my orchids and the white roof on the building next to mine and I still can’t really believe I’m here or know why. 

So, I am in Portland now. All the way across the country to come to a place that is beautiful and unfamiliar. Honestly, right now I am questioning coming here and I feel like I should have stayed back where I was, back where I had some sort of art community going. I really, really felt good in my old studio/gallery space. I don’t feel the same way here, at least not yet. I feel like I haven’t tried hard enough here to send out roots or give it a real try. I suppose I have to trust myself and trust my decision. It is what is is, after all, and I am here and I have to make something of it. 

Anyway. Seeds for a garden are growing. I have a notebook with a list of art projects. I have love in my life, and adventures. I have my dog and my cat.