23 days to go, and my intention of flying under the radar at the warehouse has been blown out of the water.

Late last night I accidentally flooded the floor of my studio (not a big deal) and via the numerous holes in my studio floor, the machine shop underneath my studio (possibly a huge deal). Sigh….I REALLY HATE when I do careless things because I don’t pay close enough attention. The cause was me using a hose to fill the 80-gal metal trough – turned it on and completely forgot about it.

I walked out into the gallery side of the studio and saw all the water and was shocked. I ran and grabbed a mop and bucket and also turned on a big fan. I spent two hours mopping up the water and actually missed working last night. There are holes that go directly through my floor and the ceiling below. I realized that some water would have gone through but I hoped it wasn’t much. After I mopped, I was horridly sweaty and started to take Echo out for a walk. On my way out, I ran into a guy who’s studio is next to mine. He said “did you hear anything about a pipe bursting?” and I said no, but that I had accidentally spilled some water. I asked him how he knew, and he said that the auto body shop on the first floor had called the building manager, who had called my studio neighbor to ask him to look at the water pipes. Fuckkkkkkkk. I went downstairs to tell the body shop guy what happened, and to see the water for myself. He said that he only heard it falling, that it actually would have gone into the machine shop next to him. He said that it sounded like someone was taking a shower. Luckily, things weren’t tense, everyone was ok (I guess because THEY weren’t the ones with any water damange…). The people wouldn’t be back at the machine shop until this morning (Monday). Now, when I think about this, the water falling may have sounded “worse” than it actually was because it was funneled through small holes and falling more than 12 ft. I am interested to find out what it fell on, as well. Hopefully just the floor. 😦
I feel terrible about any damage I may have caused. I’m also completely freaked out about being held liable and getting kicked out of the building. Part of me (a big part!) wants to pack up the car and leave tonight on my road trip. That wouldn’t be right though, to leave my family and friends without saying any sort of goodbye. I also have my exhibit opening this Friday, and other people are in the show and are counting on me.

Maybe it was cowardly or maybe it was smart, but I just did not want to be there at seven this morning when the building manager arrived. I knew he’d come right up to my studio and want to look around. I set my alarm (though I didn’t need to, as I did not sleep) for six, and got out of the studio. Left the cats blockaded in the living area and brought Echo with me.

So, I’m unbelievably tired, but sleeping in my car is somehow beyond me. It was cooooold at six this morning, and without a coat, much less pillow or blanket, I wasn’t able to get comfortable in the car. I originally drove to an apartment complex and parked in the shade, got worried about that, and then drove to a rest area. Sleeping just wasn’t happening. Took Echo for a few walks, and now I’m in a coffee shop.

I’m going to go to my gardening job now for a few hours, then to the studio. I’ll just work on research, text panels, and business things this afternoon, and deal with any confrontation as it comes.