Eating + Drinking


I thought I would write a little about how I eat and drink while living in the studio. It’s not that complicated. I like that I have to plan ahead a little bit and use a greater amount of fresh foods.

I bought a dorm-size, used refrigerator that I fortuitously found while walking Echo for $40 a few weeks before I moved in. I keep salad greens, shredded carrots, celery, hummus, fizzy water, salsa, and fruit. I’m doing well with sticking to what I have and not grabbing fast food chicken sandwiches and diet coke like I used to. 

Harkening back to 2000, when I lived on Staten Island, NY, I use a drip coffee maker to get fairly hot water to make things like steamed vegetables and couscous (the Near East mixes). I also use it to make water for my french press for tea and coffee. 


I wash dishes in the bathroom sink down the hall with regular dish soap and let things air-dry.


In other news, I took care of two things that had been bothering me. I went ahead and made my phone into a hotspot so that I have a connection all the time, and I bought a programmable clicker so that I can (finally) park my car inside the building. Said clicker is not yet programmed correctly, but will be soon.

I put up black plastic dollar-store table cloths over the other set of windows this morning, and now it’s much cooler in here.